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Research reports to Monte N. Stewart, Esq., by John F. Vallentine, Ph.D., 1985, and Harry Macy, Jr., 1986-1987. Monte Stewart has extended great amounts of monies on this research. He has graciously shared this research so that all of Dr. John's posterity may benefit. The original spelling has been maintained.
1660   approximate time of birth
1686   1 April----John Stewart witness to deed in Oyster Bay from Adam Wright to William Buckler (Oyster Bay Town Records, B:62, in John Cox, Jr.,Oyster Bay Town Records Volume I—1653-1690 [New York, 1916], 360-361).
1689   20 June—John Steward witness to deed of Wilam Allburtis of Newtown and wife Mehetibell to Richard Beats Juner of the same place (Minutes of the Town Courts of Newton, 1656-1690, 2:419a-419b).
1689/90   14 Jan.----by this date married to ELIZABETH ALBURTIS, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Scudder) Alburtis of Newton, Long Island (James Riker, Jr., The Annals of Newton In Queens County, New York [New York, 1852; reprinted., Lambertville, N.J., 1982], 396. The modern copy of the will of John "Albertus," dated 14 January 1689/90 and proved 20 May 1691—Queens Co. Wills, A:44—was incorrectly transcribed to show his daughter’s name as Elizabeth Howard. The abstract of the will in Riker’s Memoria Vol. 7, in the Manuscripts Division of the New York Public Library, shows the name as Elizabeth Steward and was doubtless made before the original will books were recopied.
1689/90   22 March—John Stueard and Elesabeth Steueard witnessed deed of gift from Jonathan Strickland Sr. to his son Jonathan Jr. (Town Minutes of Newton, 1653-1734, 2:425).
1690   Account book entry by John Bowne, prominent Quaker and merchant of Flushing, Long Island: "To John Stuard for hire of horse for friends’ [Quakers’] use 4/8" (Henry Onderdonk, Jr., "Extracts from the Account Book of John Bowne and his son Samuel," MS, Brooklyn [NY] Historical Society, 168 (orig. p. 168).
1690   9 May—John Steward witness to affidavit by Thomas Pattit (Minutes of the Town Courts of Newton, 1656-1690, 2:50).
1691   11 July—John Stuard, cooper, surgeon, and master of a family, petitioned the Town of Hempstead for land (Benjamin D. Hicks, ed., Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y. [Jamaica, 1897], 2:110-111).
1962/3   8 Feb.—John Stewartse witness to deed of William Allburtus to John Scudder, both of Newton (Town Minutes of Newton, 2:491).
1693   25 March—John Stewartse witness to deed by John Scudder (Minutes of the Town Courts of Newton, 1656-1690, 2:473).
1694   29 March—John Steward of Jamaica and wife Ellisabeth [who "signed" John Stewartt and Elliszabeth Steward] conveyed to Theodorus Pollhellmas of the same place, salt meadow at Oldfelds Isaldn (Records of the Town of Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y., 3 vols., 1:380 [orig. 2:380-382]).
1694   25 April—In his will of this date, Thomas Case of Newton left "horses to Samuel Weeks Sr. and to John Stewart" The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 65 [19__]:119).
1696   24 Dec.—John Steward of Jamaica and wife Elizabeth sold to Daniel Whitehead of the same place, meadow land in the Little Neck of Jamaica, adjoining land of John Bayley, Johannes Williamson, and John Mefors; recorded 16-17 Jan. 1710/11 (Queens Co. Deeds, BB2:180).
1696   29 Dec.—John Stewart of Jamaica sold to James Hadlock of the same place, 4 ½ acres of commonage in Jamaica (2 ½ acres of which he bought from John Hains and 2 acres from John Bayley) (ibid., A:46).
1696/7   13 March—John Stewart of Hempstead bought from Thomas Case of Mespath Kills in Newtone, 130 acres of upland and meadow at Mespath Kills adjoining land of Richard Alsop and John Albertus (ibid., A:35).
1697   24 May—John Stewart ["now living in"] Shrewsberry, granted right in 44 acres in Shrewsberry and to meadows of Shrewsberry and 140 acres or 240 acres in Monmouth Co. by Isaac Ong Sr., late of Shrewsberry, for 37 (East Jersey Deeds, G:151, in Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, First Series [hereafter NJ Archives], 31:313 [1899]).
1697   21 Oct.---John Stewart of Shrewsberry, cooper, bought for L40, 150 acres in Shrewsberry and 6 acres of meadow from the estate of Thomas Barnes of Shrewsberry, dec. (East Jersey Deeds, G:150, in ibid., 313).
1699   3 July—John Stewart of Shrewsberry bought lot on Milston River, below the great road, from John Reid of Hortencie (East Jersey Deeds, G:113, in ibid., 309).
1699   2 Oct.—John Stewart of Shrewsberry, surgeon, bought 400 acres, the remaining part of Chestnut Neck, between Assanpink and Chestnut brooks, etc., and a piece of meadow on the east side of Assanpink Brook, from William Dockwra of London [merchant and Proprietor of East New Jersey], by his attorney John Reid (East Jersey Deeds, G:114, in ibid., 309).
1699   2 Oct.—John Stewart of Shrewsberry, surgeon, sold 400 acres on Milston River, below the mouth of Rocky Brook, to William Dockwra of London (East Jersey Deeds, G:114, in ibid., 309).
1699   14 Oct.—John Stewart of Shrewsbury [Monmouth Co., East New Jersey] granted land from estate of Robert Jones of Monmouth Co. (East Jersey Deeds, G:17, in idib., 297).
1699   14 Oct.—John Stuart signed bond with Samuel Leonard as administrators of the estate of Robert Jones (New Jersey Unrecorded Wills, 12:181, State Archives, Trenton).
1699   1 Nov.—John Stewart of Shrewsberry, surgeon, sold 400 acres on Milson River, below the mouth of Rocky Brook, acquired from William Dockwra, to John Reid of Hortencie (East Jersey Deeds, G:115, in NJ Archives, 31:309).
1700   24 May—John Stewart of Shrewsberry, chirurgeon, sold for L15, 125 acres in Freehold to Capt. Samuel Leonard of the same place, 100 acres being in right of land bought of the heirs of Thomas Barnes and 25 in right of land bought of Isaac Ong, dec. (East Jersey Deeds, G:153, in ibid., 313).
1700   22 June—John Stewart commissioned sheriff of Monmouth County (Index to Commissions [C:326], NJ State Archives, Trenton).
1700   17 July—John Stewart, High Sheriff of Monmouth County, and Henry Leonard assaulted by a mob (New Jersey Archives, 1st Series, 2:332-333; Cecil Headlam, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies, 1701 [London, 1910], 397-398; NJ Archives, 2:332-333; see also Edwin Salter and George C. Beekman, Old Times In Old Monmouth [Freehold, N.J., 1___; reprint, ed., Baltimore, 1980], 261; William S. Hornor, This Old Monmouth of Ours [__________; reprint ed., Cottonport, La., 1974], 306-307; John E. Pomfret, The Province of East Jersey 1609-1702: The Rebellious Proprietary [Princeton, 1962], 338-339; Ned C. Landsman, Scotland and Its First American Colony, 1683-1765 [Princeton, 1986], 168).
1700   23 July—Letter of Andrew Bowne and Richard Bartshorne, dated Middletown, East Jersie, concerning the disorders in New Jersey…"they turned out an Englishman who was Sheriff & put in a Scotchman who they thought would Obey them without Reserve…" (NJ Archives, 2:327-328).
1700   20 Dec.—John Stewart of Shrewsberry ["Gent."], confirmation of land in right of Thomas Barnes and Isaac Ong—140 acres; meadow of 0 acres; 44 acres; small points of meadow at the Fishing Place Point; 160 acres near Manasquam; 2 acres of meadow; total of 352 acres (East Jersey Deeds, G:164, in ibid., 314-315).
1700/1   10 Mar.—John Stewart of Shrewsbury, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth sold for 210 to Joseph Wing of the same place, yeoman, 140 acres, 44 acres, and 2 acres, all in Shrewsbury Twp. Stewarts also sold Wing some points of meadow, at the Fishing Place Point (East Jersey Deeds, G:309-311, in ibid., 329).
1700-02   John Stewart sheriff of Sussex Co., Delaware (Stewart Clan Magazine, 27 [1950]:93.
1702   30 Oct.—acknowledgement of deed from John Gibb of Delaware to John Stuart for two tracts on the south side of Love s or Rehoboth Creek, 400 acres and 74 acres (Sussex Co. Deeds, A1:199).
1701-02   3 Feb.—acknowledgement of deed from Owen Rocke of Sussex Co., planter, to John Stuart of Sussex Co., for 200 acres in the Wolfe Pitt Neck in Angola Neck (ibid., A1:89; Owen’s surname is shown as Yorke in Stewart Clan Magazine, 27 [1950]:93).
1704   1 Sep.—Will of John Stewart of Sussex County in the Territories of the Province of Pennsylvania, Chirurgeon, sick and weak in body; mentions wife Elizabeth Stewart, who is to be sole executrix; six [sic] children Samuel, David, John, Elizabeth, William, Johannah, and Mary, apparently all minors; estate in New Castle County [Delaware], Monmouth County in East New Jersey, and a farm in Queens County, New York. Trusty and loving friends Alexander Innes of Middletown [Monmouth Co.], East New Jersey, D.D., and Lewis Marrice [Morris] of Shrewsbury, East New Jersey, Esqr., to be overseers. The will was proved in Sussex Co., 13 Jan 1704/5 (Sussex Co. Wills, A:50-52; modern copy).
1704/5   4 Feb.—Elizabeth Stewart, widow, leased for seven years two tracts of land in Angola Neck, totaling 773 acres, to Samuel Davis, gentleman, excepting 100 acres which her late husband had agreed to sell to Alexander McCulloch of Somerset Co., Maryland, tailor, and yet to be laid out (Stewart Clan Magazine, 27 [1950]:93.
    The above item is from the Stewart Clan Magazine. However, one original source of this information seems to be Sussex County Deeds A1:313, where some of the information is different. In the deed, the date is 5 February 1704/5; the acreage is 474; and the person receiving the land was Samuel Davies. Note, too, that the land is describes as being on the west side of Delaware Bay and on the south side of Rehoboth or Loves Creek.
1705   Approximate year Elizabeth Stewart, widow, married Thomas Davock, who, in his will of 27 Jan. 1718/9, proved 25 Feb. 1718/9, named his wife Elizabeth executrix, his children, and "my two sons David Stuart and Samuel Stuart" (ibid., 93-94).

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